Thanksgiving/Christmas Tree

Happy Thanksgiving! We had a great holiday with our family, locally this year since mom is not too keen to go on any long car rides with baby girl getting big in her belly. Aaron helped make the apple pie and didn’t complain about the smell of fruit while doing so.

Since Aaron has been so excited about Christmas already, we decided to put up the tree yesterday. Certainly 2 weeks earlier than usual at least for us. He had a great time caroling and helping every step of the way. He provided the “party spirit” and hung lots of ornaments on the same low branches. It’s a very colorful number this year. We love it!

Aaron helps make apple pie

Aaron is proud of his colorful Christmas tree masterpiece

Aaron singing Jingle Bells while helping decorate tree from Aaron Robert Cox on Vimeo.

“Aaron, stand still and sing ‘We Wish you a Merry Christmas’” from Aaron Robert Cox on Vimeo.

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  1. Loved the Christmas pageant! It was almost like being there. Now I can cancel my tickets for The Nutcracker!

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