January Flew By

January passed quickly with a mix of weather and a range of activities. We celebrated a few birthdays, caught the annual Ringling Brothers animal parade, and had fun inside and out.

Happy Birthday Dad

Chocolate Cake!

Aaron gets handy. Ready to hang his new picture in his room.

Aaron bowled a 106

Cute chocolate mustache

Here comes the circus train!


Took about an hour to get the animals offloaded from the train and about 30 seconds to go down the street. It was a very impressive 30 seconds though.

Elephants on Parade

Animal Parade from the train to the arena

Circus Horses

Putting his own spin on the Elefun game


  1. Please tell me the bowling score included bumpers!!! My last score was 96; I’m mortified!

    Gotta love that chocolate cake face.

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