Dec 12

Prepping for Christmas

Aaron is so excited about Christmas this year. We have been participating in as many holiday oriented events as possible. Aaron’s preschool Christmas party was also this week with singing and gymnastics.

With Uncle Andy during his Thanksgiving trip

Thanks Uncle Franny, first present mom let him unwrap this year.

Look out folks, I let him help wrap this year. He is truely an expert with the tape!

We helped decorate Gram’s tree and she surprised him with a Polar Express train underneath. Didn’t think I’d get him home again.

Winter t-ball

This is how you know Aaron doesn’t feel good. Notice not moving or talking. Long night!

Helping to assemble stroller for he and baby sister

Train spotting with dad

Aaron’s 2012 christmas show from Aaron Robert Cox on Vimeo.

Nov 12

Thanksgiving/Christmas Tree

Happy Thanksgiving! We had a great holiday with our family, locally this year since mom is not too keen to go on any long car rides with baby girl getting big in her belly. Aaron helped make the apple pie and didn’t complain about the smell of fruit while doing so.

Since Aaron has been so excited about Christmas already, we decided to put up the tree yesterday. Certainly 2 weeks earlier than usual at least for us. He had a great time caroling and helping every step of the way. He provided the “party spirit” and hung lots of ornaments on the same low branches. It’s a very colorful number this year. We love it!

Aaron helps make apple pie

Aaron is proud of his colorful Christmas tree masterpiece

Aaron singing Jingle Bells while helping decorate tree from Aaron Robert Cox on Vimeo.

“Aaron, stand still and sing ‘We Wish you a Merry Christmas’” from Aaron Robert Cox on Vimeo.

Sep 12

Aaron’s Halloween Songs

Aaron surprised me this afternoon with a few Halloween songs he’s learned at school.

Aaron’s Halloween Songs from Aaron Robert Cox on Vimeo.

Aug 12

End of Summer Roadtrip

We snuck in one more road trip before the summer ends. We visited tons of friends and family and had such a good time.

Checking out the dinosaurs at the science museum

Walking (running) the riverfront on a gorgeous night

Couple up to the Engine

With Grandma and Grandpa at the riverfront

Riverfront at dusk

Making lunch in the vegetable garden

Beautiful tulips

After a couple of long drives we spent the morning RUNNING around the gardens

Really getting into the fountain garden

Playing with new friend, Maia

Exploring Old Town Alexandria

At Ben And Jerry’s

Little Patriot

Nature Hike with Cody

Throwing Rocks in the River

Puddle Jumping in the River from Aaron Robert Cox on Vimeo.

The Grumpy Old Troll (Dora) from Aaron Robert Cox on Vimeo.

Kids on the Bridge from Aaron Robert Cox on Vimeo.

Sweet Baby Ward

Playing at the Co-op farm

Best Friends on the Farm

Farmer Aaron

Simba at the Sprayground

Hiding amongst the scenery

Moms cooking up a storm for Amy’s big birthday dinner.

They get along GREAT!

Jul 12

Beach Trip and Surprise Visit

We had a crazy week with a surprise visit from our friends followed by a trip to the beach with family. We got to meet Alex’s new baby brother, Edward, and ran the visitors around town seeing friends/family and familiar places. We headed to the beach mid-week and had a ball at the beach, on the boardwalk, and hanging with the whole family. We celebrated Aaron’s upcoming birthday and got to play with cousin Summer as well.

Yeah! Amy, Alex and Baby Edward came for a surprise visit

We hit the spraygrounds while our friends were in town

Baby Edward’s first sprayground

Anual Beach Trip waas great as usual

Bury Dad, then jump on him. Brilliant.

Aaron’s beach birthday celebration with the family

Can’t go to the beach without some Grottos pizza

Football on the beach

Making friends at mini golf

Learning to pick blue crabs


Summer Helps Play with Aarons new train accessories

Aaron Paints Dad at the Beach from Aaron Robert Cox on Vimeo.

Dancing Toddlers from Aaron Robert Cox on Vimeo.