Jul 12

Beach Trip and Surprise Visit

We had a crazy week with a surprise visit from our friends followed by a trip to the beach with family. We got to meet Alex’s new baby brother, Edward, and ran the visitors around town seeing friends/family and familiar places. We headed to the beach mid-week and had a ball at the beach, on the boardwalk, and hanging with the whole family. We celebrated Aaron’s upcoming birthday and got to play with cousin Summer as well.

Yeah! Amy, Alex and Baby Edward came for a surprise visit

We hit the spraygrounds while our friends were in town

Baby Edward’s first sprayground

Anual Beach Trip waas great as usual

Bury Dad, then jump on him. Brilliant.

Aaron’s beach birthday celebration with the family

Can’t go to the beach without some Grottos pizza

Football on the beach

Making friends at mini golf

Learning to pick blue crabs


Summer Helps Play with Aarons new train accessories

Aaron Paints Dad at the Beach from Aaron Robert Cox on Vimeo.

Dancing Toddlers from Aaron Robert Cox on Vimeo.

Jul 12

First half of July 2012

Wow, July has flown by! We’ve had alot of fun despite the crazy hot weather.


Sprayground fun


Keeping cool in the hot temps

The gold mine had an extra bonus feature

Little gold miners

The lorax

Piter and Aaron got to play at the kids museum during a surprise escape from the power outage visit.

Piter and Aaron make hot chocolate for the passengers at the kids museum

Piter and Aaron in the big red chair take 1

Piter and Aaron in the big red chair take 2

Piter and Aaron in the big red chair take 3

Our little animals

Baby Tiger at Tiger World

Train craft playdate

The kids’ train craft projects

Happy Independence Day!

Aaron makes red white and blue cupcakes

Dad and Aaron took an Independance day excursion to check out some diesels

Fizzling fireboxes!

Andy and Fifi ready for rafting

Climbing the rocks

Mom scrounged up 1/2 a bushel of crabs for Uncle Andy’s visit

Teaching Aaron to pick blue crabs (or bang them with a mallot anyway)

Box turtle wandered into Gram’s yard

Getting Creative on a rainy afternoon

Happy 97th birthday mom-mom

Hague family, gathered for mom-mom’s birthday.

Aaron and one of his great grandmothers

2012-07-11 17-08-45 577 from Aaron Robert Cox on Vimeo.

Ahoy, squarebeard the pirate at your service from Aaron Robert Cox on Vimeo.

2012-07-09 10-53-37 962 from Aaron Robert Cox on Vimeo.

Jun 12

Trip to Columbus, OH

We had a big weekend trip to Columbus, OH. We visited our family to share a Memorial Service for Aaron’s Great-Grandmother, Joan, and a wedding for dad’s cousin Chris. Besides all of the family fun we also made a trip to the zoo, the local science museum, and visted our friends the Tylers. We had a ton of fun!

Ready to party

Aaron’s first plane ride

With cousin Desi at the Rehearsal dinner

Aunt Janet, Uncle Joe, and cousins Tony & Andy

Cousin Chris and his bride, Diane

Cocktail Hour

Having fun at the reception
(note fat lip from a trip into the window at the hotel)

Desi was king of the dance floor. Here Aaron holds him still enough for a photo.

At the Columbus Zoo

Polar Bears seemed out of sorts in the 85 degree heat

Poor baby rhino

Aaron’s favorite attraction at the zoo

With Grandpa at the Big Machines exhibit at the science museum

Hard at Work

Jun 12

June Bug

First and foremost, Aaron wants to welcome his newest friend, Ward, to this world. Congrats Alex, on your new baby brother!

We’ve had some fun rounding out the month of May with a trip to the zoo and a ride on Thomas. Also, mom had fun picking out an outfit for an upcoming wedding. Aaron calls his black leather shoes his tap shoes (so cute).

Aaron's First Rainbow

Had to paint the front and back of his hand. Don't interupt his artistic genius.


Aaron with Lanee's tree


Aaron & Friends at the Zoo


Feeding the giraffes was really neat


Watch out for Diesel 10!


Aaron had an awesome day out with Thomas

So Handsome!



May 12

Happy Mother’s Day!