Feb 11

Hooray for another visit

We had a busy week with a visit from our friends over the weekend.  Aaron wasted no time putting his new moves to the test with Alex.  We also saw the local ground hog up close last week.  Our groundhog predicted an early spring, which we are on board with completely.

Jan 11

Crazy for Trains

Lately, Aaron has been crazy for trains.   He was so captivated by the sets we encountered in our various adventures that we finally got a set for home and Gram also got a set for her house.  We took Aaron for a train ride last weekend as well.

Jan 11

Almost 18 months!

We are coming up on 18 months this week.  I made another video of his vocab.  It includes most of the 25 or so words he says plus some of his sound effects and signs.  I also really love my Deceptively Delicious cookbook that I have been using to trick Aaron into eating some fruits and veggies.  This week we tried Pink pancakes with beets and apples.  They were a big hit! 

Jan 11


Aaron is very goofy and fun loving.  Here he is “winding down” before bedtime.

Jan 11

We Miss Our Friends!

Mom’s having a very sentimental evening after saying farewell to our friends Amy and Alex.  We wish them all the best as they embark on their next adventure.  Thought a montage might be appropriate -  hum along some sappy music as you browse.