Feb 10

Another Week of Travels

Aaron and mom embarked on another week of travels last week.  We stayed with two sets of grandparents over the course of the week.  Aaron got a new exersaucer a Grandma’s which he really enjoys.  He also has started to sit up fairly well on his own for several minutes at a time.  He tried a sippy cup this weekend, which he treated as a teether rather than a food delivery device.  Aaron has also started to operate his walker at Gram’s house pretty well.  He made tracks around the kitchen, dining room, and breakfast room all weekend long.  Another first last week was Aaron’s first Catholic mass.  We attended a lovely service for Laura Joe Allen last Thursday before the snow started.  Laura Joe was a very special person that will always be fondly remembered and deeply missed.

aaron 097

aaron 098

aaron 096

aaron 099

Feb 10

Little Oriole

We had a quick visit with Uncle Andy again this week.  Aaron borrowed his hat for a couple pictures. 


Feb 10

Rehersal Dinner

Here are a few shots of our cutie from the rehersal dinner last weekend. 



Jan 10

Aaron’s First Snow

We got an inch or two of snow last night, so we took Aaron out in it this morning.  He wasn’t too impressed with making snow angels, but cheered up when dad was standing him up in the yard.

aaron 1491

aaron 1490

aaron 1489

Jan 10

My Little Assistant

Rob thinks its funny that Aaron comes along for housework.  Sometimes I’m not sure how else I’d ever get anything done. 

We had a good time at the wedding this weekend but had a problem with the camera.  It somehow ended up in a cooler during the rehearsal dinner and was not recovered until Monday.  I probably won’t get it back until after the honeymooners return.  We’re on temporary picture hiatus for now.  Rest assured Aaron is still cute in the mean time!

aaron 095